Value Sourcing Group

Our approach sets us apart. We drive to optimum results in less than half the time of standard or outdated competitive processes or Request for Proposals. Our services are designed to deliver world class results to enterprise clients in a few key focused disciplines. Our experience and knowledge has helped us refine a tried and proven methodology. Our broad categories of services fall into the following areas, with specific deliverables outlined within each:

Targeted Contract Negotiations

  • Faster, more efficient telecom contract negotiations process which eliminates the old slower and needless steps used in the past
  • Tried and proven methodology and process
    • Highly experienced senior negotiators
    • Compressed start to finish timelines
    • Optimum value matched to client’s goals and objectives
  • Telecommunication and Network Services focus
    • Wireline – comprehensive contract negotiations support for domestic and international voice/data network services contracts. Services include interstate/intrastate/international voice, MPLS, SD WAN, Ethernet, dedicated internet, local access, private line, managed services, local services, etc.
    • Wireless – comprehensive contract negotiations support for corporate national and regional contracts, international calling plans, discounts, credits, waivers, etc.
  • Incumbent Targeted Contract Negotiations
    • Applies maximum leverage and pressures to incumbent provider during the telecom contract negotiations process
    • All telecommunication network services currently under contract(s)
    • New deal concluded much more rapidly and efficiently
    • Delivers client savings more quickly

Strategy Development

  • Contract Negotiations Workshop
    • Current telecommunications network services market benchmark pricing for both voice and data services
    • Presentation of best practice contract elements
    • Evaluation of Client’s current situation
    • Identification of client goals and objectives
    • Discussion of current industry trends and issues
    • Determination of optimum sourcing strategy and tactics
    • Formulation of next steps recommendations, etc.


  • For enterprise organizations who wish to obtain current telecom network services market place pricing and rates, Value Sourcing Group offers a robust and detailed Telecom Price Benchmark Report. This report is very valuable during any one of the following:
    • Determination of potential savings available via a competitive bid process
    • Determination of potential savings via targeted re-negotiations with the incumbent carrier for a contract refresh
    • For use during a contractual rate review exercise for the adjustment of rates to reflect present market place pricing
    • For use during telecom contract negotiations as an end result target

Network Architecture and Design Analysis

  • Network Architecture and Design Analysis
    • Evaluates current state of network services via a high-level health check and assessment
    • Develops network strategy and architecture benchmark for desired future state
    • Identifies best in class technologies and technical architectures
    • Provides input on development of architecture strategies and technical design issues for negotiation events

Telecom Audit

  • In-depth look at historic and current telecom related expenses
  • Recovery of past billing errors
  • Identification of strategies for reducing future costs
  • Savings range is variable but on average as follows:
    • 7% to 12% of annual wireline telecom expense
    • 15% to 30% wireless savings for audit and optimization
  • All savings fully documented and must be approved by client