Value Sourcing Group

Value Sourcing Group (VSG) provides the resources needed to ensure your organization obtains the absolute best telecommunications network services deal. Our client satisfaction rating is unsurpassed in the industry.

Securing the best telecommunications wireline or wireless network services deal does not happen by chance! It is crafted by bringing to bear the right resources, accurate and timely market data and experienced superior negotiations skills. VSG has a proven methodology developed over more than a decade of negotiating complex and challenging wireline or wireless telecommunications network services contracts for our client base.

It is becoming even more difficult to obtain a world-class telecom contract after the mergers of several of the large carriers. More and more organizations are soliciting the help of telecom contract negotiations experts to combat these carrier’s resurging monopolistic attitudes. VSG provides access to current wireline and wireless telecommunication network services market rates, the right analytical tools and vast experience in negotiating telecom contracts to ensure your organization obtains the best deal possible.

Our Targeted Contract Negotiations service, drives to a first class, competitively bid, deal quicker than anyone in the business. Utilizing the best market place analytics available anywhere, VSG’s wireline and/or wireless telecom contract negotiation process is often completed within 45 – 60 business days allowing for new rates and savings to become effective months earlier than traditional efforts.

For clients who wish to retain their incumbent wireline or wireless carrier’s services and re-negotiate new pricing and terms, VSG provides our Incumbent Targeted Contract Negotiations service designed to drive to a final agreement within 30 days. With an accelerated methodology, current price benchmark data and a highly focused negotiations process, VSG creates leverage and applies pressure to the incumbent carrier. Our methodology and execution delivers incumbent savings to our clients two to four months sooner than traditional procurement processes.