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Do You Have Business Downturn or Divestiture Contract Language?
If Yes, USE IT!  If not, GET IT!

Significant business event language (i.e. business downturn, divestiture and network optimization) has been commonplace in most large interstate services carrier contracts for many years.  In the past, it was often a low priority for contract negotiations and many enterprises were never overly concerned with its inclusion at all, using it as a trade off for higher priority issues or just accepting the standard language from the carrier. 

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Budget concerns? Lower Your Telecommunications Monthly Expenses!
In the midst of an economically challenged business environment, many corporation’s IT departments are faced with budget cuts, potential layoffs, disruption to application rollout schedules and critical projects delayed due to lack of funding. CIOs and CFOs are facing a daunting challenge: How do we Save money, Expand our network capabilities and Improve service to our internal clients all at the same time? Seems counter intuitive but is very possible - if not a guarantee.

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